Finding the best quality meat is our greatest priority....

Fantastic customer service is our second...!

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 Only the finest herds make it into one of our fridges!

At Bashford & Co we only choose our bodies of beef from reputable farms that we can keep a relationship with.All of our beef is fully traceable and been hung for a minimum of half a month .We try and and source our beef as local as possible so to avoid unnecessary transportation miles. This is both more relaxing for the animals and far more Eco friendly for the environment. We get a lot of our beef from Castle farm in Shoreham, Kent but we do source our beef from all county's within the British isles.


Having a celebration?

At Bashford & Co. we only choose the finest 55kg Free-range pigs for our Hog Roasts.  We do not only produce one of the Best Hog Roast services in England we also provide a bespoke BBQ service that can be tailored to your specific needs. You will find more details on our catering services on the tab at the top of the screen.

All our pigs are 100% award winning free-range,our spit-roast meats are fully prepared in our butchery and every Bashford & Co caterer must hold a minimum of an NVQ level 2 in Health and Hygiene.




Need your knife sharpened..?

At Bashford & Co. we like finding out what the customers want.We have found out that one of the main reasons people are having less Sunday roasts are, they do not have enough time and they do not have a sharp enough knife.We're  afraid we do not deal in time yet but we are however experts at sharpening knives.Feel free to bring your non-serated knife down and we will run it over the steel free of charge. If the knife needs a proper grind then there will be a small charge. Ask us in store for more details


It must be home made!

All of the sausages we produce are made in-house by one of our skilled butchers and use only natural skins ( unless otherwise requested).We also have very strict guidelines to the cuts of meat that go into our sausages and meat products, another good reason to only sell homemade products.

Wheat intolerant? We produce a number of gluten free sausages as well due to the increase in wheat sensitivity. 

On a diet? Our sausages are very low in fat and some are 99.9% pork.We are currently in the process of producing a calorie chart for all you lovey customers looking after that figure!


Is the Chicken you eat British?

At Bashford & Co. we strive to get the best of the British.

We only sell British farm assured chicken from farms we know have great welfare ethics, after all as they say, "You are what You eat..."

We usually go for the Hoss breed of bird as they are quite hardy but occasionally we do get other breeds. We try to steer clear of rare breeds simply because they are less hardy and therefore more prone to disease and Oh and did we mention rare..We can supply rare breeds upon request though and occasionally


A Bit About Me And My Ethos..









This is me, Kenneth Bashford, Butcher for 17 years and only just warming up...

It has been a life long ambition of mine to create a chain of butcher shops that can provide the good quality British meat that is expected of a Traditional English butcher shop but at at very competitive prices.


Since my previous employer (also a fantastic mentor) Mr D.C.Tann of Sanderstead, a butcher for 47 years, sent me to the Smithfield College to pass my butchery training at aged 16 I was destined to own a butchery. I had the honor of being part of a team that presented a boars head to the Mayor of London in Butchers Hall during his 1999 Lord Mayors Show. This gave me the zeal to want to succeed ( "like a budgie with no teeth" as Dave (my old boss) would say).


 We are one of the only butcher

shops in England to be totally

 committed  to only selling

 British meat and meat products....


We know its hard to believe but the margins for profit are far higher on foreign meats. When we say foreign meat we also mean European, not that there is anything wrong with their meat, its just different and sometimes the unethical ways of caring for livestock. Fancy that, its cheaper for us to buy chicken fillets from the Netherlands than from Norfolk, absolutely bonkers. This is because of our strict traceabillity and strict farming regulations as well as old world laws that were put in place to look after the farmers of which are slowly being fazed out or ignored...We could go on and on and on.......and on.... 


Thanks for reading and hopefully we will have a butcher shop near you soon, if not you can always call us and we can send some good quality meat out to you.

-Additional postage and packaging costs may apply - please contact us for more details 

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