Finding the best quality meat is our greatest priority....

Fantastic customer service is our second...!

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We are officially finalists for the New butchery business of the year 2014!

 The Butcher’s Shop of the Year Awards are renowned as the premier awards of the UK butchery sector. They recognise and reward the best in butchery businesses in the UK. 

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of our loyal customers as we wouldn't have even entered with out your support and continued custom.To get to this stage we have all ready got a bronze which in our books is a great acheivement.

" Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir"

Bespoke Poultry Butchery...

As a Bashford & Co customer you can expect the best poultry and butchery your money can buy.

Whether you want your chicken, jointed, spatchcocked, skinned or completely de-boned, we will endeavour to meet your requests.

We do not charge for our services as we believe this is the benefit of coming to a local butcher shop. A service that can equate to no other, a service fit for customers loyal to Bashford & Co.

Bespoke Pork Butchery...

Have you ever had Free-range pork and the now-normal sheltered pork side by side and tasted the difference? You may never choose the latter again.

At Bashford & Co quality of service is paramount so wether you would like your pork de-boned and rolled, scored and chinned or simply french trimmed you can count on us to meet your needs. The good news is that this service is free to all of our regular customers.

Bespoke Sausage Making...

At our butchery in Sanderstead we have about 20 different sausages on display at any one time although we have hundreds of recipes we would like to try.

We have made bespoke sausages for winery's and brewery's, for the wheat intolerant and the religious. There is a  perfect sausage for everyone and we all have a different palette. If you have a particular recipe you would like to try out or would even like some in your business colours at your corporate bbq please let us know as we are here to serve.

Bespoke Craft Lamb Service...

Lamb is a very good meat to get crafty with. Everyone loves a good old leg or shoulder of lamb but most associate the bespoke Crown and Guard of Honour of lamb as something that only deserves a place on a banquet table, well we want to change this by encouraging you to use our services for free...

There is nothing better for a butcher than to be able to take pride in what some would call "A Work of Art". A knife skill that has been acquired over years of practice can be used to create a masterpiece ready for your Sunday dinner table. In a day and age where speed is of the essence and ease is the main ingredient to any roast dinner, having your leg of lamb de-boned or saddle of lamb rolled and stuffed for you can save you time and effort. You could even bring down you own stuffing for us to use if you wanted to!


Beef Crafting Service..

Beef is a fantastic product to work with and is the one that takes the longest to learn and practice. Over many years our butchers have acquired skills that can only be achieved by experience and should not be attempted on your kitchen table.

Beef is such a versatile product and every part of it can be used to make something and every county throughout England has there own way of cutting it up, each ending up with basically the same products. Whether you want your beef boneless, trimmed, diced or sliced, you can use our services for free to help you achieve your perfect mealtime