As a Bashford and co customer you can expect the very best butchery and poultry your money can buy

Whether you would like your chicken or poultry skinned , de-bonned or spatchcocked , we are here to serve you with our skill sets so you do not have to do it at home, after all you are a loyal customer are you not?

We do not charge for our services as we believe this should be one of the main reasons to shop at a specialized shop , so you can get a service like no other and get exactly what you want , how you like it.

Shopping local is all about relationship and when you build a relationship up with any of our serving staff they will literally bend over backwards ( well not the old ones!) to serve you to the best of their ability.....welcome to Bashford and co.


Have you ever had our free range pork ...

...and the now so called sheltered ( barn reared) pork side by side and had a taste test? We think that you would be shocked at the flavour difference between the two.

At Bashford and co we believe that the quality of service is paramount and also one of our key selling points 

Whether you would like your pork de-boned , scored & rolled or diced , defatted or sliced , chinned or just French trimmed we are here for you and what is more it will not cost you a penny extra because as one of you customer this is a free service for our regular customers.

At our butcheries we have about 5 different sausages on display at any one time ....

...which to be honest is enough choice but in our secret recipe book we have over 25 tried and tested in house sausage recipes that we dig out seasonally ( even though our seasons seem to be up the wall a little bit at the moment!)

In the past our bespoke sausage making service has been used by wineries , breweries, outdoor catering experts ( like us) and even film directors...once our sausages had a leading role in a film staring Sean of the dead star Simon Pegg , the film was called Absolutely anything, this was also the last film that Robin Williams was in .

There is a different sausage for everyone and we all have a different palette so if you are a business or just a person that requires something different we are here to serve you


Lamb is a very good meat to get crafty with,....

...everyone ( apart from vegetarians and vegans) like a good old leg or shoulder of lamb but most assoiate the bespoke crown of lamb as something only to be seen on a banquet table but this is not true, and this is why we want you to enjoy our services for free .

There is nothing better for a butcher than to create something that many people would call "a work of art". Knife skills that have been aquired over many years of practice and hard work can be used to create a masterpiece ready for your Sunday roast.

In a day and age where speed is of the essence and ease is the main ingredient to your Sunday meal , to have your shoulder or leg de-boned for you or your lamb loin rolled and stuffed will make things a lot easier and whats more you can even bring down your own stuffing if you wish.   We are at your service ....