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 At Bashford & Co.

we are passionate

about education ..


We believe in investing in the company's future by training all of our butchers in house, thus eliviating any chance of bad habits being picked up and we get the meat cut just how we like it!


We also believe that the basic skills of butchery can be easily be forgotten as they are no longer taught in our schools, so we have decided to create a range of butchery experiences for the general public and they are listed below.

"They would make the perfect gift for any food lover or even the average person looking to improve their butchery skills..."


Which one of these Master Classes would you like to have a go at?



Sausage Master Class

 Have you ever wondered how sausages are made or know somebody who would like to know?

 This is a fun packed evening where you will get to not only make your own sausages from scratch you will have a great evening tasting, smelling, touching and creating your perfect sausage.

The sausage making evening is certainly  the most humorous of the evening classes. You will learn how to mince the free range pork, mix the herbs, fill the natural skins and tie them into links. You will gain a wealth of knowledge from us as we have a lot to give.

This is a craft that can take years to perfect but this course will inspire you and make you laugh out loud. 

At the end of the evening there will be a tasting session of a varity of sausages that we produce (we sell over 25 different sausages) with wine, you will also get to take your home made sausages home with you so you can show you friends.


Lamb and French Trimming Master Class

 Have you ever wondered how butchers can make a Crown from a cut of lamb?

 The lamb class is a fantastic evening where you will be up close and personal with the carcass of a fine English lamb. Its a very informative and hands on evening where one of our skilled butchers will guide you though all the different cuts of lamb while breaking down a carcass in front of you.

You will get the chance to learn how to and actually produce a Crown of Lamb and a Guard of Honour. It is a very hands on evening and you will gain some great skills as well as get a bit more confident with the lamb in the kitchen.

This is a craft that takes years to perfect but you will enjoy the class but you will leave inspired and more confident.

At the end of the evening you will take your personally created crown home with you and we will have a mini feast with wine and laughter.



Pork Master Class

Any one who loves pork and likes getting their hand on will love this master class..

During the class you will learn all you need to know about pork from tail to snout, literally. You will get to prepare a joint of free range pork from one of our farms alongside one of our skilled butchers. 

In this course you will be touching, marinading and of course tasting your way through a lovely evening.

This is a craft that take years to perfect but hours to learn, and is very useful in the kitchen at home.

At the end of the class we get together and enjoy one of the finished products with some fine wine tasting with one of our local wine producers, Simon Fisher .



Beef Master Class

If you have ever wanted to watch and learn about the break down of a beef carcass then you will find this as exiting as us..

During the class you will get to watch one of our skilled butchers break down a fore-quarter of free-range, well hung beef and be talked through the whole thing piece by piece, from shin to clod and from fore rib to brisket. 

You will get to produce a joint of fore rib of beef or as they say in France entrecôte which you will be able to take home with you at the end of the evening.

At the end of the class we will have a nice fat entrecote ciabbata as well as a tipple of fine wine that compliments the meat.


All of our classes are £85 per person and last for three hours

classes are subject to availability so please book in advance

Call us on 0208 6577558 to book 



Advanced one-to-one butchery classes

are available upon request ..

These are a good way to learn new skills in depth or just to brush up on some of the ones lurking deep within your brain. We can host one to one classes in beef, pork, lamb or poultry and can either be very broad or tailored to your specific needs.

These one-to-one courses would be great if you are looking to open your own restaurant and would like to save money by doing your own in house butchery. This would be a good unique selling point to your business.




Please take note of the following before committing to buying an experience gift card..

  • Sorry,no under 18s unless otherwise arranged 
  • Due to the popularity of our courses we cannot take pre bookings but only tell you what bookings are available
  • To keep the integrity of the groups and personal touch we only have small groups of six at a time
  • Gift cards are non refundable but can be used against any of our products and services
  • All gift cards will come in their own thank you card for you to write out your self