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Charity starts at home...doesn't it....?

At Bashford & Co we enjoy giving...Sounds crazy but after finding out that some of the most successful businesses only start their giving when they have got so much spare cash they have to start giving it away we decided to turn it on its head and start while we are young.

We have two main charities we support and we have given them a write up below but if you are part of a registered charity and would like to use our services, please tell us and we will endeavour to arrange something for you. Whether its a discounted Hog Roast for your fundraising event or a format for holding a successful regular meat raffle, we are here to serve!


A Little About Our Two Specially Chosen Charities:

The Butchers and Drovers Charitable Institute

The BDCI (Butchers' and Drovers' Charitable Institution) is the meat industry's own trade charity.It exists to provide support for those who work, or have previously worked in the meat industry but have fallen on hard times, regardless of their circumstances.

Widows, dependants and children may also be eligible for assistance.

Obviously this is right up our street as 20 butcheries a month on average closed down last year (2014) half of those were health related closures.

Copy and paste this link into your browser for more details:

            Jubilee Croydon

You may not of heard of them yet but you may well have been served by them.  They are a radical christian group whos missionary statement is:

 Croydon Jubilee Church exists to see all people, in all circumstances, have life in all its fullness, through Jesus Christ, to His glory.

They must be one of the most varied of all the charities in the South East, whether they are serving a homeless shelter or holding positive parenting classes, addiction help or marriage counselling they seem to excel in all areas and are super transparent with their cash (which we like to see).

Please check out their website and get inspired: