Just so you know ...

As soon as the Lock down began in march 2020 We never had to close and infact we had to adapt ...

We have seen Covid19 or the Corona virus completely change the way in which we work. We saw our trade go up (5x greater) as people realised what the local shops were there for, we had to move fast....  Here are a few of the ways in which we have tried to eliminate the spread of the virus and a few ways you can help us :


  • We have taken the fronts of our shops creating a covid friendly space for shopping.

  • We temperature check all staff before they enter the premises.

  • All staff are requested to wash their hands every half an hour as a rule anyway.

  • We decided to go cashless to avoid the spread ( this was a big step because we like a bit of cash)

  • We make sure the card machine has been wiped off after every service


  • We offer hand sanitizer to every customer after service

  • We have always deep cleaned the shops with a sanitizing detergent anyway



How can you help?

  • Please make sure your hands are sanitized before your visit to our stores.

  • Please wear a face mask when entering our stores to protect yourself

  • Please use your brain and give the other customers around you a bit of distance