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Going free range only

Meet Anna , a very attractive Award winning Pig farmer..!

At Bashford and co we have always wanted to be a butchers that sell only free range pork and now that is what we do !!! Here is what Anna has to say about her product....

We have bred our pigs outside from the very beginning and in 2007 we decided to take it one step further, and after weaning carry on growing our pigs outside so that they would be100% Free Range from start to finish. There are only 1 - 2% of pigs produced in this way in the UK and so our pigs really are "la creme de la creme"!

And to ensure our customers really do get the best, only female pigs go under the "Anna's Happy Trotters" brand. We select the finest gilts (female pigs) at weaning and send these to the free range fattening site. The rest of our pigs will be fattened in large straw yards which are classed as Outdoor Bred.


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