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Going free range only

Meet Anna , a very attractive Award winning Pig farmer..!

At Bashford and co we have always wanted to be a butchers that sell only free range pork and now that is what we do !!! Here is what Anna has to say about her product....

We have bred our pigs outside from the very beginning and in …

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Best butchers in croydon in our opinion

Westerham wild venison is on the menu..

Our relationship with the local game keepers is growing and so is the venison.. its getting a bit late in the season for wild venison now but we can get farmed all year around these days so dont hesitate when asking. In season we sell all sorts of wild …

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Glad to say we were runners up....

We are so thank full to our customers because if it were not for you we would not continue to push on and serve wholeheartedly. We came third out of about 40 butcher shops nationwide and we will try again next year. Well done to Providence of Notting hill who ca…

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How to sharpen a knife...

Important Caveats

Before we start, I want to make clear that there are dozens of different ways to sharpen a knife. Everyone has a way they think is best, and men have all sorts  of techniques and tools that they feel are essential in getting a sharp blade. In the end, much of it comes down to pers…

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What is dry ageing ?

Dry-Aged Beef

For dry-aging, whole sides of beef or primal cuts are hung in open air at a temperature just above freezing and left to age for several weeks. Not only are the enzymes working on the muscle tissues during this time, but the meat is also slowly dehydrating. This concentrates the meat a…

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A good write up from the Times newspaper. Another good reason to get an Appledore turkey from us!

The truth about free-range turkeys will put you off your Christmas dinner

  • Turkeys advertised as 'free range' may never even have been outdoors
  • Many are crammed into tiny spaces the size of a newspaper
  • Some still have their beak 'trimmed' because of loopholes in law


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As Iron Sharpens Iron

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
A vivid memory of mine as a little boy, is watching my great grandfather in the kitchen sharpen a knife with an iron file. Down on one side and back on the other the knife would go at the speed of light it se…

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 Perfect timing is crucial in our trade..

From gate to plate perfect timing is crucial. 

We are constantly in communication with the farms and our suppliers to make sure that they can provide the meat to our requirements. 

Our requriments are simple...

  • All the meat must be English
  • All …

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Catering for one of the best primary schools in the bourough..

We took our first catering order this week from Elmhurst Boys School, South Park Hill Road. If your son goes to this school you can rest assured that they are being well nourished as they are being fed on the best quality meat with no expense spared. Now there is a wise catering manager if ever iw…

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The joys of butchery...

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