Finding the best quality meat is our greatest priority....

Fantastic customer service is our second...!

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Only the finest herds make it into our fridges...

 At Bashford & Co we, like most butchers, pride ourselves on the quality of our meat and service. Unlike most butchers though we have totally  commited ourselves to only selling British meat and meat products.

Most Bashford & Co Beef is single suckled and fed on a grass-based diet. Our preferred traditional breeds include Sussex, Lincoln Red, Welsh Black and Aberdeen Angus. All cattle are all fully traceable from birth to slaughter.




Only the finest British chicken for Bashford & Co..

 We insist on only selling British free-range and barn reared chickens, this is due to the welfare standards we still hold dearly. 

Over 50% of the chicken that goes through Smithfield Market these days is foreign (not British). Some butchers like selling these products as the profit margin is far greater, whats more they will probably mark it up as English...

We at Bashford & Co. believe that there should be no compromise in quality and believe in keeping it in the Kingdom.



Only the best free-range lambs are ear marked for Bashford & Co...

We go out of our way to find the very best lamb Britain has to offer and we don't charge a premium for the service! As far as we can tell it is the Original romany marsh lamb that was so successfull it accounts to over 60% of all n/z lamb now!

At Bashford & Co. we believe that our customers deserve the very best we have to offer. We specially request from our suppliers that our lamb  has not been slaughtered halal (unless otherwise asked for) and we generally get the pick of the flock due to the good relationship we keep with Frank ( the farmer)and the farms. If ever you get a chance ask us for the True Romany Salt-Marsh lamb. This lamb, as its name suggests comes from the family run Castle Farm and Nature Reserve which is situated at Rye on the Western edge of the Pett Levels, running southwards from the famous Camber Castle, across extensive grazing marshes to outcropping Winchelsea and Rye . It covers 3000 acres and is all permanent grass, some ¾ of it designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is a wetland of international importance.  This lamb retails at about £7.50 p/kg and it is wise if you have space in your freezer to buy a whole one.


Our best form of advertising is word of mouth so if you have had a good experience of our services or the meat we have provided you with has been satisfactory then please leave us a review, if we have let you down please skip this part!

In October 2017
The sausage experience was a fantastic evening with Ken..
He is full of amazing information on butchers skills.
We prepared a joint of pork and made sausages to our
own individual flavour and taste. The sausages
are the best. Thank you Ken.
Patty and Stewart

I started buying all my meat (not to mention poultry) at Bashford’s when it first opened at Elmfield Way and transferred to the Warlingham shop recently when that opened. With free parking opposite it’s really easy just to drop off at Bashford’s on the way to the Warlingham branch of Sainsbury’s! I used to buy my meat at Waitrose and chicken at Sainsbury’s but find the quality of the product at Bashford’s is so much better. Not only that, the choice of cut is better and the staff are willing and able to prepare anything special that you want while you wait if it’s not already on the counter (or phone through your order in advance and it will be waiting for you). The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, full of good advice and the prices are very reasonable compared to the supermarket. They even offer butchery classes for the enthusiast, which are great fun. I’d recommend anyone in the area to give Bashford’s a try. You won’t be sorry!

Excellent to see a team of young men and women making a real success of a butchers that specialises in English meat and eggs. The range is huge including ordered specialist items that I know I can trust. My guests always comment on the quality of the food we serve at lunch and dinner parties. But the prices, comparable with Sainsbury, means we can eat reliably sourced and tasty meat every day if we wish. The shop design is also tasteful..what more could I want?

Ken and the team at Bashford's are superb. They are always really helpful with suggestions of how to prepare or cook your joint or cut. Most of all, they really care about the quality of the meat, which is always the best you can buy.

Such a great and friendly butchers with a really wide range and variety of products. The meat is amazing quality and great value, love it!

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