Would you like your knives sharpened sir/madame...?

Get you knife run over the steel for free!

Its not often that you get something for nothing in life but at Bashford & Co we believe that we should share and share alike. So we have decided to give all of our customers the opportunity to have their knife run over the steel by one of our butchers for free. This (if the knife is in good workable condition) should be enough to bring the edge back to the knife but if its not sharp enough you can leave your knives with us and we will put the knives over our grinder for a small service charge.

  • Please note that we do not sharpen serrated edged knives.
This will put the edged back on things ....

At Bashford and Co we insist that all of our butchers buy, keep, look after and sharpen their own knives so they do not loose the skill that is vital to our trade .You can now have the opportunity to have your knives put over our grinder and is guaranteed to bring the edge back to your knife or your money back. All we require is that you leave your knives with us for a couple of days and we will do the rest.

  • This service costs £4-00 per knife or £10-00 for a set of 4
  • Please see in store for more details and T&Cs

Did You Know That We Sell Butchers Grade Knives?

At Bashford & Co we like to offer our customers the very best products and services, this includes the sale of a few hand picked choice of Butchers Grade Knives. There are only a few knives that you will really use at home on a regular basis and these are a Boning knife, a Carving knife and a Serrated-edge bread knife. So why do we all have a block set of knives that we never use? The answer to this is simple...We were either sold them, given them as a present or thought they were a good idea at the time! Maybe its time to make space on your work surface, Out with the Old and In with the New!

Please ask in store or send us a message with your enquiry about the knives we sell.

  • You must be over the age of 18 years of age to purchase knives from us and proof of age may be required.

Would you like us to arrange you a farm visit for yourself and your family ?..

How would you like us to arrange a farm visit so you can see for yourself the quality of our animals.

There is nothing we like better than a good old visit to the farm. After every visit it fills you with a passion for the great outdoors, it also brings it back to you how much effort the farmers put in to producing good meat.


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