Our Beef...

Most Bashford & Co Beef is single suckled and fed on a grass-based diet. Our preferred traditional breeds include Sussex, and Longhorn cattle and are all fully traceable from birth to slaughter. We are getting our longhorn cattle from the renowned Fuller family down in the Hallilo Valley ,Woldingham , Kent. The Sussex will be coming from the local Farthing Downs and commons in and around Kent via the City of  London conservation Group.We only source our beef from reputable British farms that we know and all the beef is under 30 months old.

Our Lamb...

Bashford & Co lambs graze on local Kent and Sussex pastures from the Romney Marsh to the Sussex Downs. Many of the farms we use are in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme ensuring our lamb are grazing on the most natural pastures guaranteeing the best flavour and texture. Farms are monitored and lambs selected by fieldsmen known by our suppliers who also know what we look for in a good lamb so we only get the best.


Our Pork...

Here at Bashford & Co we take pride in our produce and the products we sell as we know where it comes from and the welfare that the animals have had during their lives.

Did you know the difference between Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared and Free-Range? Outdoor Bred pork is born outside and then after 4 weeks or so after suckling it is moved indoors to be fattened up for sale. Outdoor Reared pork is only allowed outside for about half of their life and then moved in doors to fatten up where as the Free-Range pork we use has been outdoors from the time it is born until slaughter.  

Our Chickens...

At Bashford & Co we only sell chickens from farms that give their chickens the welfare they deserve, happy chickens equals good product, good product equals good eating, quite simple really.

Its not hard to find reputable farms these days due to health and safety regulations but to find farms that give their chickens the space they need and the nourishing food they love can be a challenge. 

We tend not to use rare breeds as by their very nature they are rare and the quality of eating is not what the average customer of today would recognize as chicken, they are more gamey, rather like a fresh game bird.


Our game ...

at the moment is all coming from the lush hills of the Crawley downs where the animals rhome wild and free but are only hunted to keep the numbers of wild stock down. Our Farmer and game keeper Tom makes sure we get the best of his lot...

We are just a phone call away ....

Have you ever tried ordering a pizza online ? Its a lot easier and quicker to order it over the phone we can assure you. Its the same with ordering meat. Pick up the phone and give us a call, we are a very friendly bunch and willing to help in every way!  We like to keep it simple.

  1. Pick up the phone and place and order 
  2. We will ring you back with the correct cost ( shop prices ) so you can pay with your chosen bank card

Give us a call on

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