COVID-19 UPDATE- Due to the Governments Social Distancing Guidelines we will not be taking on any more Catering Events in 2020. However, we will be taking bookings for 2021.






Celebrating or Having a Party?

Try one of our Bespoke Outdoor Catering Services


The Hog Roast

We use only the finest English free-range pigs for our Hog Roast Service. Specially chosen for purpose (so you get the best crackling ever!) and prepared in our butchery. You will get a choice of baps and rolls when ordering your service along with a choice of stuffing. The Hog Roast will be served up with Rocket, Stuffing and Bramley Apple sauce . .

Although it takes about 8 hours to cook a whole pig we give you 3 hours of service as we start cooking the pig before we come to you, thus saving money on staffing and being able to pass that saving on to you!

Half a pig will feed between 50-80 people and a whole pig will feed about 150 people.

From £550


 The Baron of Beef Roast

This is the mother of all spit roasts in our opinion! Prime free-range English Baron of Beef (the Rump and Loin) matured for a minimum of 30 days, spit roasted for about 4 hours - depending how you like your beef.

This is served with a choice of rolls or floured baps, creamed horseradish, English mustard  and mixed leaf salad. Other sauce options are available upon request.

This option will feed approximately 65 people very well!



The Lamb Roast

We find the Organic Pevensey Salt Marsh lamb tastes best for this option but you will get a choice. The 20kg lamb is prepared in our butchery before being roasted for about 4 hours until crisp and tender.

The sliced lamb will be served in a choice of pitta bread or floured baps with mint jelly and a mixed leaf salad. Other sauce options will be available upon request.

This option will feed approximately 50 people.



The BBQ Service

For this option two of our in house chefs will bring their gazebos and BBQs to you and cook you up a feast.

We offer over 35 different BBQ products and we also have over 25 different homemade sausages for you to choose from. All of our BBQ products are home made and contain only quality British meat.

This option will require further meat purchase. 

This option will feed from 10-1000 people. 



The Spit Roast chickens


This is a good side option although we can cook up to 20 of these at a time if requested. The chickens are a Norfolk Hoss breed and will be barn reared (free-range are available upon request)

The chickens can be marinated in any of our top quality marinades or just dusted with mixed herbs - the choice is yours!

This option can feed up to 100 people.


Desserts fit for a Queen..

We have chosen a few of our favourite decadent desserts for you to choose from and we can arrange anything from Chocolate Fountains to Cupcake Towers.

One of our chefs specializes in cakes of all sorts and sizes so we can have cakes made bespoke if you wish.

Available from £2.00 per person


Fresh Salads

We have a large tried and tested salad bar menu but we narrow it down to just a handful of the favourites. We use only the freshest ingredients in our salads and can go organic if you choose.

Please contact us for a salad menu. 

 From £1.00 per person



Texan steak ciabbata

The finest British strip-loin of beef , slowly griddled on our bbq with our tasty Texan marinade until pink and tender and then stripped and slapped into fresh ciabbata rolls along with a complimentary  variety of fresh salad. You will not be disappointed with this option if you are a meat lover.


                              This option will feed between 60-1000 people

                                         Prices from £600 


For more information on any of the Bespoke Services above or for a pdf of our current price list please do not hesitate to contact us


Telephone :

020 8657 7558  (Sanderstead) 

020 8777 9248 (SHIRLEY)




Are thinking of hiring a cheaper hog-roast service...?

Before you commit yourself to another company we urge you be a savvy shopper and ask some of the following questions;

  • Was your pig prepared in a butcher shop or food safe area? As we have our own butcher shops we have a safe place to prep it ( not a garden shed)
  •  where did you get the pig from? It is improtant to know that you pig has come from a reputable farm.
  • Where was your pig stored? All of our pigs are hung and stored in our walk in chillers at regulated temperatures.
  • Was the pig free-range or outdoor reared? Out door reared pigs are only outside for the first month or two of their life and then moved into a barn..
  • How many staff do i get with my hog-roast service?  To have a good service you will need one person serving and one person carving ( this is our standard).