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How much do you love your dog ..?


The shear nature of being a butcher shop and the change in our eating habbits means we have a fantastic by-product that comes straight from our shops to you, this being Pet Food and Pet Treats.

Our Chicken Pet food... one of our most popular pet foods. As we cut all our own chicken breasts straight off of our chickens, we have the carcasses leftover. Not only is this a great product for stocks and soups, it also makes a great pet food. We simply put the chicken through the mincer with a rusk base which helps to bind it. A lot of dog owners nowadays do not take the role of dog owner as serious as they should, therefore are a bit cautious when we say that dogs can eat raw meat. Our food should be fed to your pet raw and not cooked as it contains ground chicken bone that act as a great fibrous part of your pets diet.

Warning: Never feed your pet cooked chicken bones as they may splinter as cause problems for your dog and your pocket.



Our Lamb Pet Food..

..has got to be one of our favourite mixes as we use breast, plucks, hearts and sweetbreads of lamb to create a good healthy product for your pets enjoyment.

In days of old butchers have been a bit reluctant to put these cuts of lamb into the pet mince as they were and still are very tasty and valuable cuts of lamb but since they are being forgotten and the demand for them rather low there is only one thing for it... 

Note: Our lamb pet food should not be cooked for your dogs .


Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Dry Bones......

We have the most fantastic marrow bones and paddy-whacks that are un-cooked so all of that good marrow and protein that your dog is after is still inside the bone. Some times marrow bones are too big so we also have smaller beef bones as well. The bones are guaranteed to give your dog a cold nose and a shiny coat!

Did you know that the marrow bones are served up in some restaurants warmed with a straw, and that the paddy-whacks are 70% protein before they are dried and are considered a delicacy in many countries.

Note: We do not recommend giving your dog marrow bones of any sort if your dog is of 6 months or less as it may lead there baby teeth out prematurely.

Agility Wins The Day...

We have a number of customers who enter their dogs in various shows including Crufts and they all feed their dogs on our raw product! We have a number of kennel clubs and breeders that buy our food and they say their animals enjoy it.

We have put a comment box on the right hand side of the screen for customers to leave any notes, messages, advice and recommendations, so if you have used our food and your dog enjoys it then please leave your comments.

Please note: Because our pet food is so popular we cannot guarantee that we will have any in stock. We suggest keeping your own stock in your freezer and giving us a call to either reserve or check to see if we have any.