Rump Steak


The Prime Rump is one of our favourite cuts as you get a lot more for your money! We only use the prime part of the rump that has been cut in to the d shape a bit more than usual.

The rump as you could imagine is a well used muscle from the hind of the body and is constantly being used therefore making good eating and because there is more of it a reasonable option for family dinners and BBQs.

Steak should not be a once in a blue moon dish and we believe that these great value and reasonable cuts should be part of a staple diet so we have put a deal on these ones for the larger families wish to feed their families well.

For those big families out there we have put on an option so you can get 20% off if you buy 5 kg . You will find this option on all other items we consider part of a staple diet.

food staple in our opinion is a food that makes up the dominant part of a population's diet. Food staples are eaten regularly, even daily and supply a major proportion of a person's energy and nutritional needs

All weights are approximate

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