Florentine Steak


Our Florentine Steaks are to die for... also know as Bistecca Alla Fiorentina or over here in England, a "Big T-Bone"!

The Florentine steak is a high cut of meat that includes the bone. Taking its name from the Italian city of Florence and weighing 1-1.3kg approximately, this is the perfect sharing steak for friends and family, this steak serves 2/3 people.

Serve with homemade chunky chips or stick with the Italian theme and serve with salad mixed with cannellini beans dressed with olive oil - enjoy.

Cooking Advice

The Florentine steak should be left at room temperature before cooking, great on the BBQ on a hot summer day or cooked indoors on a griddle pan. 

When placing on the BBQ ensure the charcoal is dusted with light grey ash and no flames, the meat should be placed close to the heat, so that an aromatic crust is formed obtaining the Maillard reaction, then raised after the first minute. Cook 3-5 minutes per side and then cook standing on the bone for 5/7 mins.

It is a slice out of the thick end of loin

All weights are approximate

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