We bid you welcome all fellow business Men and Women...

When we created Bashford and co we did have in mind the future partnership with fellow reputable companies but we did not realise the response we would have from local businesses due to a few factors...

We have found that because of our stand to only sell British meat and meat products we usually come out a little more expensive than the usual trade caterer. We are not interested in customers who want something tomorrow for nothing at the moment, we  are however interested in discerning customers that want a good quality product , a good quality service and would like to use our knowledge an expertise to better their business.

Some of the services we offer our customers are as follows:

  • Bespoke friendly service
  • Next day delivery ( if needed)
  • Quality assured British meat  ( with full traceability and farm names)
  • Outdoor reared, free range or organic products
  • Knife sharpening ( free to our regular customers)
  • Butchery brush up lessons for chefs or small discerning restaurant owners (1 on 1 or group sessions)
  • Help with branding and the gathering of awards for using local suppliers ( mainly for care homes and Private schools)

We keep our margins low and fair as we like to keep business simple. We offer a 10% discount off of our current shop price list for any business who regularly spends £100 or more per week and a 20% discount off of our current price list for all regular orders of £200 per week. For some of the larger restaurants that would like to use our service we have a unit price for all of our products to help with the economics of things..!

We are growing quick so as we grow so will our buying power and then we will endeavour to pass that discount unto our customers.

Thanks for your interest and if you have an enquiry please do not hesitate to call or email me personally...


Kenneth Bashford


Bashford & Co

07487738341 (South Croydon & Shirley)